Australia Elects it’s First Female Prime Minister

25 Jun

Julia Gillard - Australia's first female Prime Minister

Australia just made history by electing it’s first female Prime Minister. Julia Gillard was sworn in yesterday after a surprising Labor Party leadership vote. Gillard beat out Kevin Rudd who was the most popular Australian prime minister for thirty years. Gillard worked as deputy prime minister under Rudd and challenged him at a news conference Wednesday night saying that “a good government was losing its way,” and vowed to breathe new life into the Labor Party. reports that:

The White House congratulated new Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard Thursday “on the historic step” of becoming that country’s first female head of state. “The United States and Australia enjoy a special and productive relationship and alliance that will continue to prosper under her leadership,” President Obama’s press office said. “The president looks forward to working with Prime Minister Gillard across the broad range of issues on which the United States and Australia currently enjoy strong and deep cooperation and looks forward to speaking with her soon.”

Not only is Julia Gillard the first female Prime Minister, but she is also – get this – not married and an atheist! A far cry from our well known, half-witted, Alaskan, hockey mom. Congratulations Julia Gillard! You are paving the way for feminists and other women everywhere!

P.S. I also like that she’s a pretty red head.


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