The Cost of Playing Along

23 Feb

I fully believe that gender is a visual performance that we all participate in. I believe that we as humans (both men and women) learn from our culture and media how we are expected to act out our given gender.

With the invention of the Internet, mass media, television, and social networking we are being drowned in messages about how we should act or dress based on our gender.

Participating in the gender performance is not only time consuming, but it is a costly endeavor. Since the beginning of 2011, I’ve spent a great deal of money to play my gender role.

Here’s my break down:

Eyebrow wax: (don’t want to be caught dead with a uni-brow):             $25

Manicure every 2/3 weeks (3 times so far):            $68

Pedicure every 3-4 weeks (twice this year):            $36

(plus an extra charge for fake toe nails, since mine fall off from skating):            $16

Hair cut every 6 months:             $65

Tanning ($49 a month, cause tan fat looks better than white fat):            $98

New cover up, foundation and mascara from Sephora:            $75

Veet cream hair remover for legs:            $9

Implanon birth control implant (lasts three years):            $257

Gym membership (gotta stay in shape. $52 a month):            $104


Seven hundred and five dollars in two months! That’s a sobering amount of money. According to the UNICEF Tap Project, just $1 can supply a child with safe drinking water for 40 days. The UN says it costs a woman $17 a day for a hospital bed in a maternity ward in Kenya. With the money I spent in only two months, I could have helped provide save drinking water to children for a few years, or helped women pay for over 40 days of maternity stay at a hospital in Kenya.

Is it worth it?


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