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Track Your Mouse Activity

8 Jun

IOGraphica image of photoshop tracking.

The overlay in Photoshop.

I found this website, IOGraphica, on accident today. I downloaded the mouse tracking program just out of curiosity. All you have to do is download the program (for either Mac or PC) open it, minimize the window, and go about your business! I was surfing the net and working on some stuff for the magazine while I had the tracker running. The program even allows you to optionally use your desktop as the canvas. The site says about the program:

IOGraph — is an application that turns mouse movements into a modern art. The idea is that you just run it and do your usual day stuff at the computer. Go back to IOGraph after a while and grab a nice picture of what you’ve done!

Work as art – what a concept! I highly recomend trying this! There is something very gratifying in knowing that while I was doing boring work like paying bills and replying to emails, I was actually creating something really cool. Here’s the end result of my short time on the computer this morning!

Get it here and try it yourself!

My art from this mornings busy work and internet surfing. Click to enlarge.