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23 Jun

Here are some stories that I found interesting and wanted to share.

Unapologetic Fat People Coming Soon to Your Living Room
Finally a TV show that looks like they’re making a serious attempt to break the mold. Pretty excited about the new show!

Feminism of the Future Relies on Men
Myth #1: Feminists are man haters. The last frontier of women’s liberation may well be men’s liberation.

Texas GOP Platform Advocates Criminalizing Gay marriage, Banning Strip Clubs, and Pornography
I think those big cowboy hats are cutting off the circulation to their brains. Hopefully no one is taking this platform seriously.

Reproductive Rights are Human Rights
The Obama administration is taking the focus on human rights very seriously. For the first time, the US is participating in the UN’s Universal Periodic Review, which allows the UN to review the human rights records of all its member states.

Eminem Supports Gay Marriage
Despite his old gay bashing lyrics, he now believes that love is love, no matter what your gender is. “Everyone should have a chance to be equally miserable, if they want.”

Cammi Granato, Angela James, and Dino Ciccarelli inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame
The first two women EVER! The HHOF is no longer just for men.

Child Genital Cutting at Cornell University
I don’t care who you are – this is terrible. Shocked that any board would approve this kind of research.

Man Throws Acid on his Wife to Show ‘Ghairat’
The man permanently scared his wife’s face by throwing acid on her  while she was sleeping in attempt to preserve his honor cause he “SUSPECTED” she was having an affair. The worst part – the woman was too scared to prosecute him because her husband and his family were threatening to hurt her and her children. Major WTF moment!?!